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Starting BFit

Hi BFitters! That's what you are now, I'm sorry, that's just the way it is. Welcome to the first blog I've written on BFit! It is not the first blog I've ever written in my life, don't get excited. Its not THAT kind of party. As I sit here ponder what I should first blog about, my puppy is chewing on my hands and stepping on the keys of this computer, my phone is going off, my laundry needs to be changed out, my daughter is begging for a ride home, even though she can walk, I need to figure out dinner for my family, and in the midst of all of this, I'm trying to start up a business. People have faced greater challenges, I realize, so I push on. I am in a very lucky position, in that, I have the emotional and financial support that allows me to do this while not holding a full-time job. I've had the luxury of taking my time, some might say procrastinating a bit. But no more! I gave myself January to have a little space and wrap my head around a new normal and now its time to get to work.

The challenges I'm facing are; I'm not exactly sure what to prioritize, sometimes I'm not sure what the next step should be, and a big problem is that I don't even know exactly all the things I need to be doing. My intention was that I would do this thing systematically, thoughtfully, and, well, perfectly. But the truth is, that is so against everything in my nature, that I think I have to let a little of that go. I still want to be intentional, but I also need to dive in to unchartered waters and let it guide me. So I will learn as I go. As most New Years resolutions go, I'm back to my old self. Out with the new, in with old habits. Currently, I'm getting this website together. I definitely don't know what I'm doing here, but I'm willing to try to figure it out. I just got my logo together (what do you think, isn't it awesome??) and I have professional pictures being taken in ONE week.

Let's talk about these pictures. There is serious pressure to look good in these pictures. Do you know how many fitness professionals there are out there? And do you know how good everyone looks? And do you know that I'm almost 43??? Not that it can't be done, but some things just don't look the same at 43 as they do at 26 and there is just nothing to be done about that. Except good editing. So I will control what I can control. I've been intermittent fasting since November (aka starving), I've been doing consistent body building workouts with daily cardio (aka exercise addicted), and I haven't had a drink in a month (aka masochistic). So, guys, please enjoy these photos and know that however I look, I tried. I really tried.

So I am at the starting line. I will keep you posted with the real thoughts, feelings, musings, frustrations, celebrations, emancipations, proclamations, so on and so forth. I will also blog about things that will help you. I will talk about movement, mindset, nutrition, and sleep!! These are the things that I will offer to you, the BFitter, to make you happier, which will in turn make your family happier, which will in turn make the world happier. So, really, as you see, I'm changing the world one blog at a time. With great power comes great responsibility.

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